Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Won't Miss About Pumping

My sweet baby boy turns one year old in a little over a week! With the many milestones that come at this age such as walking, increased communication, and eating more solid foods, comes the major momsie milestone - weaning. Although I'm going to continue nursing in the morning and before bed, I have been itching for many months to stop pumping milk at work. As I've been dreaming about this day to come, I've thought of many things I won't miss about pumping:
  • Hauling the pump bag. Every time I walk into a new school building, which is at least a couple times a day, I have the hassle of carrying the cumbersome pump bag along with my other bag, lunchbox, and therapeutic tools. Usually by the time I find a place to sit all my stuff down, I'm a frazzled mess with a back ache. Then, it's just a matter of a couple hours before I have to haul that pump to a separate private location.
  • Finding a place. You know how many times I've had to pump in my hot car or in a little closet at one of my schools? Too many. And, it's just plain embarrassing to ask receptionists if they have a place where I can go to milk myself.
  • Feeling like a cow. Twice or thrice a day I find my way to my stall where I have my utters milked. I can't get the cow analogy out of my head when I'm pumping.
  • Milk spills. Ever spilled a bag of breast milk all over your work clothes? Yucky. The risk of this greatly increases when you're pumping in the car.
  • Leaking. That uncomfortable feeling is most likely to occur when an important meeting goes a little too long. Then, there is the awkwardness of running out of the meeting as soon as it's over to get to the pump. Explain that to your boss.
  • Those awkward moments. Like when someone pounds down my door while I'm pumping. I can't very easily stop in a middle of a let-down to answer the door, so I just hollar, "Wait a minute!" Then, there is the look of "What were you doing in there?" Or, when I forget to straighten my shirt and walk out of the room with part of my bra exposed. So humiliating.
  • Remembering. I can't even remember where I've put my car keys and cellphone these days. So, remembering to buy milkbags and breast pads, pack the icepack, carry the pump bag to the car, and give the daycare the milkbags is sometimes too much for this tired brain.
  • Clean up. It really takes a chunk of time to fill and label milk bags, pack up the pump, find a sink, clean the pump and bottles, find a refrigerator . . . .
Oh, I can't wait for the glorious day when pumping comes to an end! I think I will say goodbye to my pump in a ceremonious way - maybe by burning or trashing it. But, alas, even as I type this I feel the fullness coming on and I am reminded that it is time to get to my pump.

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  1. LOL!!!! This is all so true! I got so tired of pumping, I actually started driving and pumping...(w/ a coverup thingy on so that I didn't get arrested for indecent exposure, or stalked by a truck driver). I just got so sick of making time for it, I thought, "at least I'm getting somewhere while doing this annoying thing I have to do!" I think "done w/ pumping party ceremony" is surely in need. I will be glad never to have to look at a pump again! Thanks for sharing this, April!


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