Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby's First Birthday Party!

My bouncing baby boy celebrated his first birthday last week! I am still having trouble believing that I have been a momsie a full year. This has been the most amazing year ever! We celebrated with friends and family on Saturday (the day before Easter) with a party at our house.

I thought it would be cute to have a dinosaur theme, so that I could take advantage of all the available Easter decorations (Easter eggs= dinosaur eggs). I made this hatching dinosaur egg garland of the baby's month-by-month pictures - on the 12th month he hatches as a dinosaur!

We even had a "dinosaur egg" hunt, which looked a lot like an Easter egg hunt. I learned that 11 and 12 month old babies don't hunt for eggs well. What they do well is examine the eggs. All the babies plopped down with the first eggs they found and carefully inspected them. They figured out how to open them, close them, take out their contents, and fill them up with acorns.

The highlight of the first birthday party is always the cake smash. Our baby didn't inherit his mother's sweet tooth, so he wasn't too interested in eating the cake. He did give it some good squishes through his fingers, though.

Baby really got some wonderful gifts! His Meemaw and Grandpappy have been keeping a bank for him that they started when he was born and filled up all year. Such a nice idea! And, of course, baby got tons of toys. At the end of the day, he raised his hands and praised the Lord for all his gifts, friends, and family!

He learned to do this at daycare - isn't it too cute! He raises his arms over his head when you say "Praise the Lord!"

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