Friday, April 20, 2012

Cornstarch and Lemons

I'm home with a sick baby today. Apparently a diarrhea virus has spread around Jr.'s daycare. Not a fun virus (not that any are). Jr.'s bottom is very sensitive so the frequent dirty diapers have left him with a mean diaper rash. It hurts him so bad he wouldn't take a bath and screams like a banshee when I clean him and put diaper rash cream on. An experienced mom at work suggested I try cornstarch instead of diaper rash cream. It has worked amazingly well! It dries up that yucky wet area and cleared up some of the rash despite ongoing diarrhea diapers. Yay for experienced mom wisdom!

Is it gross to post about food or drink on the same post as one on diarrhea? Oh well, that's the life of a mom. So, here goes . . .

We got the most amazing lemons from my husband's grandmother's house in California. Look at these huge things!

I decided to make some lemonade with them. They are a hybrid with an orange, apparently, so they are kinda sweet and make the best lemonade. Lemons, sugar, and water. The perfect treat for a day at home with the baby. Yummy to my tummy!

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