Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Last weekend I enjoyed a leisurely 5K and pedicure with my good friend and fellow psychologist, "Auntie Dr. Momsie." She has the cutest, sweetest baby that was born just seven weeks after our little boy. I swear that little boy has a special grin just for me. He is so awesome! Anyway, one of the biggest blessings of this year has been having close friends with new babies who can share all their great ideas with me! Auntie Dr. Momsie definitely has shared many a good tip and responded to many "urgent" texts when I needed a quick opinion from another momsie.
This weekend, Auntie shared with me a great recipe idea - the Panana. Pancakes+banana= Panana! It's as simple as can be - take slices of banana, dip them in pancake batter and cook them on the griddle. Then you have little bite-sized banana filled pancakes that babies can feed themselves. The banana in the middle gets really soft and easy for a baby without many teeth to gum up. I long ago (about 12 months to be exact) gave up making my own pancake batter and now use Bisquick. I used:
1 cup Bisquick
3/4 cup milk
1 Tbspn sugar
1 egg
1 banana cut into coins
After dipping the bananas in the batter, I put them on the griddle and cooked them just like a pancake. I found that they needed a little extra time, though, so that the batter around the banana would thoroughly cook. Yummy to my tummy! And, baby liked them too!

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