Thursday, May 31, 2012

Become a Dr. Momsie Sponsor!

Maybe you've noticed the tab above that says "Sponsor."  I am excited about the opportunity to support other bloggers and shops by displaying ads on my sidebar!  See, over there to the right where I've been cleaning off space?  That's where your ad will be prominently displayed!  I will have three advertising choices:  Featured Sponsor, Medium, and Itsy-Bitsy. 

A Featured Sponsor will not only be fairly large (200X300), but also will be at the top portion of the sidebar and will have an opportunity to guestpost on Darlingist Dr. Momsie!  I also will introduce my Featured Sponsors in a blog posting and promote you just as much as I can!

A Medium ad space will be slightly smaller (200X200) and will be located under the Featured Sponsors.  This will be the perfect size to get noticed.

An Itsy-Bitsy sponsor is a small ad space (100X100) and will be below the Medium ads.  Some of these spots will be available for a swap, if you're interested in free advertising!

Each ad will run thirty days from the date purchased.  Payment is made through Paypal from Passionfruit Ads.

See the "Sponsor" tab for more information!  And, keep checking out this site for upcoming ads for fabulous blogs from my sponsors!


  1. i love would to sponsor swap if you still have a spot open!! :)

    1. Just visited your site - very cute! Would love to swap, email me at anoellem (at) gmail (dot)com so we can make the arrangements!


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