Monday, May 28, 2012

Love is Black, White, Tan

I love this song by Nicole C. Mullen. She is an African American Christian singer who is married to a Caucasian man. They have a couple of children, and her daughter, Jasmine, sings this song with her. It is the perfect message of color and acceptance for biracial children. This song made me a little teary even before Jr. was born. Now, because I often think about how Jr. will be accepted and how he will view himself as a biracial child, this song makes me a smidge more emotional.


Momma looks like coffee, Daddy looks like cream
Baby is a mocha drop American dream
All the colors of the rainbow are in her family tree
Woven all together in a paisley tapestry

She holds real tightly to her parents' hands
Baby loves that woman, baby loves that man
And her soul gives a smile 'cause she understands
That love is black, white, tan
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah black, white, tan

Everyone is precious in the Father's site
It don't matter red or yellow, black or white
He just loves ya 'cause He loves ya
I tell you this is true
You are not a color and a color is not you

Visit Nicole C. Mullen's website at for more awesome Christian music!


  1. WOW! Never heard this song. Moved me to tears.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Our oldest son doesn't "look like us" because he is darker skinned and my husband and I are white. We have heard it all. Love is love, no matter the skin color. I am encouraged that the younger generation seems more accepting and diverse than the older generations.

  3. Well said! I have a friend whose family has rejected her because she is married to an African American and has a child with him. So sad. I haven't heard this song before, I'll have to share it with her. Thanks! (Oh, and thanks for visiting Mom is the Only Girl!)


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