Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Summer in DFW! (What will we do?!)

Could I be more excited for this summer?!  No way!  One of my students and I created a count-down to the end of the school year in my calendar and today it says 15.  Can you hear the harps and angels?  Glorious!

I was absolutely blessed last week with the news that our daycare is not going to charge us through the summer, and we can hold Jr's place until the fall.  Such amazing news!  They said it was a "rare opportunity."  I call it a blessing from above.  It means we will have a little extra cash to enjoy our summer and I will have no regret about playing the summer away while sending the daycare a fat check each month.

So, with my summer smiling at me in the horizon, I've been daydreaming about all the amazing outings my little man and I are going to have.  We live in the DFW area and I'm creating a list of adventures to keep us busy.  At 13 months, naps are still necessary and our outings won't be too long, but I'm sure we can have a lot more fun than the quick jaunts to the grocery store we were limited to last summer. 

Here's whats at the top of my list so far:

We're so lucky to have two great zoos so close!  I remember going to the zoo as one of the best parts of my summers growing up.  We'd always stay long enough to picnic and see every single animal.  I would get upset at my more carefree sister when she would try to look ahead at the animals we hadn't reached yet.  One animal at a time! (Ok, I was a little rigid). 

The Dallas Zoo has a program for toddlers called the Cub Club, that starts for kiddos aged 15 months, that looks like a fun experience.  Kids and parents can meet animals and engage in activities during a one hour morning class. Perfect!


We also have two aquariums in Dallas!  I'm thinking they might be perfect when we need a cool, air-conditioned escape from the summer heat.   Before we were married, we took my dad to the Dallas World Aquarium and we were really impressed!  I've also heard that the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park is worth visiting.  It is cheaper (free for children under 3) and there are more age-appropriate activities for a toddler.

When I was a kid, I remember going to the library during the summer for story time.  A librarian dressed up as a character from a book and then read it with great librarian inflection to a whole room full of kids.  I loved it!  I want Jr. to have the same type of love for books and reading that I did as a child. 

We are so blessed that our local library offers more than just story time for toddlers!  We've already experienced the crazy fun of Baby Bounce.  This summer I hope we can take part in some of the other activities, like Boogie Woogie Books or Wiggly Waggly Words!

Butterfly Gardens!
Some of the museums and activities at Fair Park may be a little advanced for Jr.  But, who doesn't enjoy butterflies?  Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park has a daily butterfly release and periodically has "Books and Bugs," where children can listen to story and enjoy a bug-themed snack. 

Jr. loves to swing and climb around at our local park.  This summer we are going to explore all the area parks, playgrounds, and spray parks! Here are a couple links to a list of Dallas parks Dallas parks and spray parks spray parks.

Swimming Lessons!
Auntie Dr. Momsie shared with me a Living Social voucher for 4 weeks of 30 minute swim classes at Swim U, a new swim school near Love Field airport.  They have classes for babies 6-18 months that allows parents and babies to play together in their indoor pool.  Apparently, Jr. will learn to submerge his face in the water, do an assisted front and back float, and begin kicking.  

Fun at Home!
I can't lie.  I really do hope to spend some lazy days at home.  I'm thinking bubbles, balls, picnics, the water table and a baby pool can keep us busy outside for at least part of the day!


I hear that Allen Premium Outlet Mall has a Stride Rite store and baby needs some new shoes!  Plus, overworked mommy could really enjoy some shopping.  What's a summer without shopping?

I know there are probably a thousand more fun things for Jr. and I to do this summer.  Dallas Child has an awesome all-inclusive calendar of events for the summer that I hope to keep up with.  But, the best suggestions often come from other momsies.  What suggestions do you have, DFW moms?  Please share your comments and suggestions below!!

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