Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Feature: Ask Dr. Momsie!

I'm starting a new feature, "Ask Dr. Momsie," where I will entertain questions from my readers and offer my best possible advice.  Ask me questions about child development, education, and your child's behavior problems.

Wondering if your child's quirkiness is "normal" behavior?  Ask Dr. Momsie.
Wondering what to do about a learning problem your child is experiencing?  Ask Dr. Momsie.
Wondering how to talk to your child after a death of a loved one?  Ask Dr. Momsie.
Wondering what in the world to do after a trauma impacts your child?  Ask Dr. Momsie.
Are you a teacher wondering how to manage the behaviors of a difficult student? Ask Dr. Momsie.

Just go to the above tab "Ask Dr. Momsie" and submit your question in the form.  I will contact you with a response, and I may even feature the advice on this blog.  So, please don't share anything you wouldn't want me to post (though I will work with you to insure your privacy).  

So, bring it on, readers!

*Please be aware that submitting a question for "Ask Dr. Momsie" does not qualify as a therapeutic relationship. If you are experiencing a crisis or thinking about suicide please call 9-1-1 or 1-800-273-TALK.


  1. Hi!! Just stopped by to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

    Go here to see what you have to do no

    Have a great Day :)

    1. Oh my gracious! Thank you SO much! I've been coveting one of those :)

  2. Following you from the Thriftiness Miss! :) Loving your blog.


    -Jade Sierra-

    1. Thanks Jade! I'm going to visit your blog right now :)

  3. Great post. Daughter is 6 months old, when should I expect her to start crawling? She sits up on her own and when on her tummy she tends to slide backwards. Will it be soon?

  4. Thanks for the question! And, I do have an answer! But, would you mind trying out my question form on the Ask Dr. Momsie tab above? I'd just like to see if it works. Thanks!

  5. I love that you found my blog! I love your blog, from the look to the posts! Wonderful! I love your idea of ask Dr. Momsie!


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