Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I recently stumbled upon a genius blog where a woman created a weekly cleaning schedule. It reminded me of how stressed I was when I first went back to work as a new mom. I had no idea how to balance work, take care of a baby, be a wife, and keep the house clean.  One weekend, when I was in a mad rush of toilet scrubbing while the baby was napping, I created a list of all of the "weekend chores" we needed to complete each week.  I mostly created this so that my husband would know where he could best be helpful.  Soon, I realized a few chores could be done during the week after the baby went to bed.  I tried to spread those throughout the week and found that I was a lot less overwhelmed with cleaning on the weekends.  Here is my chore list that still remains on our refrigerator.

If you're a working mom struggling to figure out when to fit in housework, consider making a similar chorelist or schedule.  It provides some structure and routine, which diminishes anxiety.  And, it might give your husband a way of knowing how he can help.  For example, my awesome husband realized he could iron on Monday evenings (he's much better at ironing then I am) and he suggested that he'd like to take out the trash and recycling on Wednesday nights.  Figuring out how to keep the house clean was horribly important in making being a working mom manageable this past year!


  1. This list is great! Divide and conquer...love it!

  2. I can't wait till the site isn't under construction so I can check her out!


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