Friday, June 15, 2012

Awesome Book Find!

On our summer adventures last week, Jr. and I found the most awesome board book.  It's called When Mama Comes Home Tonight, by Eileen Spinelli. I didn't know there was such a cute book for working moms and their kids!

The first endearing thing about this book is that it rhymes!  Rhyming is not easy, and even when an author is able to rhyme, it takes a real writer to make the rhyme natural and cute.  For instance, I recently read a book with Jr. that tried to rhyme "again" and "rain".  That doesn't really work and it ruins the fluidity of the book.

Another remarkable aspect of this book is the illustrations.  I would have expected the "mama" in the book to be a modern businesswoman type.  Instead, the mom looks quite traditional, I might even describe her as "frumpy."  There is something refreshing about the picture of a working mom being more conservative.  Sometimes, there feels like a lot of shame and judgement placed on working moms from the conservative community.  And, when you feel like a part of that community, the stigma against working moms can leave you feeling pretty isolating.

The message of the book is perfect.  It talks about what Mama is going to do when she gets home from work - from playing pat-a-cake to mending clothes.  She totally loves and misses her son. Isn't that what being a working mom is really like?  When we get home, we have to balance our housekeeping duties with all the loving and playing that we really want to do.  Let me just share the first line of the book:
"When Mama comes home from work, dear child,
when mama comes home tonight,
she'll cover you with kisses,
she'll hug you sweet and tight."
You'll be crying by the end.

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