Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy's Day!

Playing hide-and-seek with Daddy
Now, I really don't want to get all sappy and sentimental, but I just have to take this opportunity to let everyone know what an awesome daddy my hubby is.  It's much too easy and popular these days to be an absent or uninvolved father.  But, my hubby has turned out to be the most caring, loving, playful, and joyful father.  He is better than I could have ever imagined him to be, and his instincts as a daddy are spot-on.  He never dodges a diaper changing and reads to Jr. every night.  How blessed we are!


  1. Having seen this with my own eyes I have to agree. That little boy is super lucky to have the daddy that God has given him. I think my daughter is pretty blessed too. He is such a thoughtful caring husband. God blessed our family with the addition of this wonderful man.

  2. your so blessed sweetie! I am glad, I know when time for us to be blessed as parents my Mr. will knock it out of the ballpark!


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