Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wanted: New Running Partner

Running buddies
My beloved friend and running partner, Auntie Dr. Momsie, is moving.  This is a huge loss for me!  And, Jr. too, as he is best buds with Auntie's son, E.  So, I desparately need to find a new friend and running partner.  Here are my criteria:
  • Likes to run, but not fanatically.  Encourages me to run, but isn't too pushy. 
  • Not too fast, not too slow.  A nice ten minute mile would be ideal.
  • Lets me know when cool and fun runs are in the area so we can register and run together.
  • Lives in my neighborhood so we can easily run together.
  • Has a son within a couple months of Jr.'s age and enjoys running with her son in a stroller.  Jr. must enjoy the company of potential running friend's baby.
  • Is willing to talk about any and every subject while running.  No subject should be off-limits, including female anatomy, fertility, and embarrassing mommy moments.
  • Preferrably a working mom, so we can share the associated struggles and challenges.
  • Preferrably a doctoral level school psychologist, so we can talk about behaviorally disordered children and otherwise consult about cases.
  • Doesn't mind lengthy text messages about new-mommy anxiety and questions.
  • Shares cool ideas for my blog like pananas.
  • Really, her husband should get along with my husband, as we will be socializing often outside of running.
Ah, phooey.  There is no way to replace Auntie Dr. Momsie.


  1. I know what you mean...a good workout partner/BFF is hard to find!

  2. hi there! coming from the hop!

    thank you for visiting!

    have a wonderful day!


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