Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day July Wrap Up

Me, Dr. Momsie!
I really had fun participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day challenge this month! It is probably the only chance I'd have to do it for awhile, since I return to work at the end of August.  I needed to do something to get better acquainted with the camera hubby bought me for Christmas.  I completed the "Move to Manual" series on Courtney Kirkland's blog (here) and learned a ton about how to use the camera on full manual mode.    So, what you see here was mostly taken with my camera on manual mode.
Jr. busy playing and learning
The best part of my day - snuggling in the morning with Jr. 
One of my favorites of this month!
Fourth of July!  Fun in Georgetown, Texas at Jr.'s
first petting zoo experience.
Toys.  All over the floor.  Always.

See the chair?  I tried to take a picture of a lone chair,
 but this flower caught my eye.
The beginnings of my little window herb garden.
My hubby's half eaten sandwich.
Ok, so this should say day 9.
On this day, we completed the 16 month Ages and Stages Questionnaire
for our pediatrician and I couldn't help but think about how
big Jr. is getting!
Yellow!  I like taking pictures of Jr.'s toys, because it gives me a still
object to practice my camera's manual settings with.  This little lion toy
from Jr.'s Noah's Ark is the perfect model.
Not my favorite picture, and it took forever to get him to touch the letters just right!
Jr's hands are so cute to use in pictures!
 This is him playing with his favorite texture book.
This is another of my favorites!  Our dog, Doughboy, looking out of the back
open window while we take a break heading north to Kansas.
My old high school building in Kansas.
Hubby driving during our trip to Kansas.
So many great old signs in my hometown in Kansas! 
This old Coop sign really caught my eye.
I don't know if chocolate is really my addiction, but I sure do like it!
This pretty plate was  one we received as a wedding gift.
I intended to take a picture of our dog, but saw this grasshopper on my flowers
when Jr. and I returned home from our morning walk and he was posing so nicely!
Doughboy's eyes.
We have so many locusts in our yard this year!
I was starting a shell collection for Jr., but they all blew away in a storm.
Is that gross?
Jr. loves to stand in the bathroom sink and play in the mirror.
I totally missed taking a picture on day 21 of 9 o'clock,
so I did it today instead.  Used Instagram because I didn't have the
forethought to grab my camera before we went outside.
Coloring with Jr.  I took some shots that were probably a little better,
but I liked how Jr.'s yellow shirt reflected in the light here.
Went for a walk along the local lake with Jr. and snapped some shots of the
sunshine.  I really like this one!
Another walk, and my peek-a-boo buddy.
Guess this is really more of a trail than a road :)
Cup full of goldfish.
Just bought Jr. this toddler-size backpack to start school (daycare).
After a long walk/jog to the park.  He never falls asleep in the stroller, so this is extraordinary!
Final picture of the month! Jr. strangely loves to brush his teeth.
Here, with mommy's toothbrush. 


  1. I loved all of these so much. Your Dad would be so proud of your photography skills.


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