Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daddy and Son Fall Fun!

I recently decided it is time to schedule in a little self-care, so I've started running again, with the goal of a half marathon in December.  I try to do long runs on Saturday mornings,  when Hubby is available to hang out with Jr.  Now, Hubby does a fine job entertaining Jr.  But, when I told him last Saturday that I would be running for an hour and a half, he teased, "That long?!  What will I do to keep Jr. busy?!"  I knew he would be fine, so I just rolled my eyes and tied my shoes.  But, as I started my run, I began to think of how blessed I am.  Not all daddies know exactly what to do with a toddler's short attention span. 

Are you a daddy that seems to run out of ideas?  Are you a momsie who isn't sure how your hubby fills the time when you are away?  Are you a family trying to avoid plopping Bubba down in front of the t.v.?   The cool fall weather brings with it many opportunities for father/son fun.  Here are some ideas that I've picked up from my awesome Hubby, along with a few suggestions of my own. 

Outside Ideas

  • Picnics.  Anyone can make a sandwich and throw down a blanket in the back yard.
  • Start a rock collection. 
  • Gather beautiful fall leaves.  Better yet, rake the leaves into a pile and jump in them.
  • Hunt for bugs, worms, and other yucky animals that momsie doesn't want to touch.
  • Go for a walk in the stroller or wagon.
  • Play fetch with the dog.
  • Teach your son how to care for the pets, i.e. feeding, watering, brushing.
  • Throw a ball.
  • Pick up sticks.
  • Look at birds and squirrels.
  • Point out airplanes.
  • Play at a park.
  • Race and chase.
  • Build something extraordinary from things in the yard (ramps, forts, tunnels)

Inside Ideas

  • Rough and tumble play! Wrestling, rolling, tossing . . . all these things come more natural to daddies than to momsies.
  • Turn on daddy's favorite music and dance.
  • Turn on Jr.'s favorite music and dance.
  • Build a car track or ramp.
  • Build a fort out of chairs, blankets, sofa cushions, etc.
  • Turn a box into something wonderful (car garage, tunnel, fort).
  • Read books.  Little boys need to see their daddies reading!
  • Build up towers of blocks, leggos, pillows, whatever.
  • Eat cake  Bill Cosby, said it best. "Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake!"
  • Play ninja, trojan warrior, cowboys, or something else with fake guns or swords. (Yes, Dr. Momsie says it's a-okay.  Some aggressive play is normal and natural for little boys!)
  • Talk, talk, talk.  This doesn't always come naturally for men, but your little boy needs to hear more than masculine grunts.  If you don't know what to say, just narrate whatever little-one is doing.  "You chose the blue block for the top of the tower." "That's one...two...three...four cars on the track."
 Now, that should keep you busy for an hour and a half!


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