Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet Me at the Moon Giveaway! (Oh, and a Book Recommendation)

Yesterday, as I was strolling through the Scholastic Book Fair at one of my elementary schools, I came across a literary jewel for children and families feeling the pain from some type of separation.  My faithful readers know that I am inclined to share my recommendations for children's books, especially when they touch on a relevant topic such as separation anxiety or grief. .

This book, Meet Me at the Moon, by Gianna Marino, tells the story of a momsie elephant who has to leave her baby elephant to ask the sky for rain.  The baby doesn't want momsie to leave.  Baby elephant even pulls on mommy's trunk, reminding me of Jr. hanging onto my leg as I scoot toward the door at his daycare.

Momsie elephant is very reassuring, letting baby elephant know that her baby can hear her song on the wind and feel her love with the warmth of the sun. She then helps her baby look forward to the time when they will be reunited, when they will meet where the sun sets and the full moon rises.

The emotional theme of the book is a perfect one for families facing some type of separation due to military deployment, marital dissolution, or even death. And, for those little ones with separation anxiety, this book would be perfect to have in the family library.

So, you want a copy? Enter my Meet Me at the Moon giveaway raffle below. My raffle will run today until the beautiful full moon (here in Dallas) on October 29th. The winner may not feel as blissful as a baby being reunited with his momsie, but it sure might brighten your day!

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  1. I want this book soooo bad. Pick me! Pick me!

  2. I would just give it to you, Missy, but that would be cheating! It is a random raffle. But, if no one else enters, you're sure to win :)

  3. Well I hope others enter. I am sure my library budget can stretch that far. Kinda want my own copy though.

  4. What a great book! I can think of several friends that could benefit from it with their kids.


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