Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fighting Sleep: Guest Post By Jr.

Hello everybody!  My momsie's a little under the weather, so she's asked me to guest post today.  I'm only 19 months old, so I don't know much about much.  I do know how to sing E-I-E-E-O, but I don't know if any of you would really be interested in that.  So, today I'm going to write about something Mommy says I'm a real expert at  . .  fighting sleep!

Now, what do babies and toddlers need most in their life?  Fun and play! 
This is fun . . .
Yay! See how I'm standing and jumping on the bed?  Laughing, smiling, having a blast!
Now, this is booooring. . .
No laughing, no jumping, just boring.
Fellow babies, I am really not a fan of sleep.  I really don't recommend it at all.  And, by now, I am quite an accomplished sleep fighter.  I'm proud to say that even from the moment I was born I was avoiding sleep at all costs.  My momsie tried all types of tricks those first few nights, but even then, I knew that staying awake was much more fun.
So, friends, if you'd like to be like me and have as much FUN as possible, let me give you some of my best sleep fighting tips.
  • First, as Mommy always says, "No one ever fell asleep with their eyes open." Keep your eyes wide open as long as you can.  The more tired I get, the wider I open my eyes.  But, beware of the super momsie trick of stroking your head ("forehead to nose, eyes will close"). You also have to watch out for the blankie-over-the-head trick.  It is almost impossible to keep those eyes open if there is nothing to look at but a dark blankie. 
  • Next, you must keep moving.  When I start to drift off to sleepy neverland, I immediately move a toe, flex my foot, or even stick my arm straight in the air.  Those darn swaddle blankets used to keep me pretty tightly bound, so watch out for those if you're still pretty young.
  • Also, don't underestimate the power of vocalizations.  Scream out as soon as you start to drift off. That will wake you up.  Or, just hum a little.  I've found a little "mmmmm" just as I start to drift off will keep me from falling into a boring sleep.
  • Throw everything out of your crib.  Then, cry because you miss it.  That will take a good half an hour.
  • If you want someone to come play with you, try calling out to them.  What works best for me is "Mommeeeee."  Mommy can't resist that.
  • If your parents place you in their bed out of desperation, or you're a lucky duck that gets to sleep in the big bed, you must resist the comfy-ness.  You must move more.  Try beeping your mom's nose.  Or, play with her mouth.  Kick your daddy's face.
  • Usually these tricks will work.  But, if your momsie pulls out the white noise, swaddle blankets, swings, or rocking chair, you may ultimately lose the battle.  Don't give up.  There's always tomorrow night!

Ok, babies, thanks for the chance to share my best skill with you!  Now, get up and have some FUN!


  1. so super cute and accurate too. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks! I swear my next baby is going to be one of those awesome sleepers that just falls asleep anywhere at anytime :)

  2. Hey Jr! You put it so well. We should hang out sometime. I have some tricks of my own that you can try them when you get a little bigger. For one, asking for a drink of water or saying you have to go potty at bedtime always buys a few extra minutes. I think my momma is on to me, though.
    --Bee, almost-3

    1. Bee,
      You are really someone I can look up to. I'm going to need some new tricks soon, so thanks for the ideas!


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