Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mom, Mom, She's the Bomb

Where's Dr. Momsie? Yes, I haven't been posting much lately. It is an extremely busy time of year, with the pre-holiday peak at work (yes, even children get depressed at the holidays), holiday traveling, and cold and flu season in full swing.  Between caring for my hubby through his stomach bug, rocking Jr. through the night as he battled a nasty virus, planning for holdiay grief groups, preparing for upcoming internship interviews at work, and traveling to Kansas for Thanksgiving, I haven't had much writing inspiration.

At times like these, momsie's need some normalization. Have you seen The Parent Rap video yet?  If the holiday busyness is starting to wear on you, you deserve to know you aren't the only mom whose home is a mess despite constant cleaning, who's makin' it rain coupons and baby wipes, who's consumed with potty-training, and who looks back with  nostalgia at your pre-children years.

Mom, Mom, you're the bomb :)

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