Monday, February 18, 2013

Pregnancy Stealing Your Beauty? Must be a Girl.

It's a girl!  Isn't she beautiful?  See that smile?  What a lady!

As you can tell, I'm pretty pumped to be having a little girl.  Since I will be 35 when Peanut is born, we had to go to a high-risk perinatologist (I jokingly call her the "old lady doctor") for our 18 week sonogram.  That high-tech sonogram was well worth the extra bucks the old lady doctor charges!  We could see every finger, toe, and heartbeat.  Lady Peanut was high-kicking and waving and moving around at a pace that challenged her very active brother's prenatal movement.   Finally, she crossed her ankles like a proper young lady and allowed the doctor to get a good look at her. 

Now, some of you more feminist-type readers might be cringing already.  You may wonder why I am already using stereotypical feminine descriptions of my little bundle of estrogen. Well, you see, I am quite comfortable with all things feminine and "girly."  I'm all in favor of traditional feminine gender roles and stereotypes, as I think they (often) fit with how God innately created "female."  And, I think celebrating what is uniquely female is the best type of "feminism"!  So, bring on the lace, frills, and dolls!  Anyone who knows me, knows that my little girl may be wearing pink and playing house, but also will grow up to be self-confident, independent, and determined (like her mommy, of course!).

But, there is one slightly negative thing about little girls that I'm already noticing.  Girls steal their mommy's beauty.   Right from the start, little girls begin draining their mother through morning sickness. Some recent research is showing that in the most severe cases of morning sickness, slightly more women (53%-56%) deliver female babies.  It is theorized that maybe this is caused by slightly higher levels of human chorionic gonadotropin in female babies.  Or, maybe it's estrogen.  But, for whatever reason, female babies seem to be a little more prone to making mommy sick.  And, my little Peanut, sure did give mommy a nice case of morning sickness.

And, you all know the less scientific but accurate belief that if a woman's face breaks out or they otherwise seem less beautiful, then the baby they are carrying must be female.  I know that whenever I see a woman that looks beat down by pregnancy, I assume they are carrying a baby girl.  If you look energetic, spunky, and glowing, I assume you are carrying a boy.  Experts argue that this is merely a myth and a chauvinistic notion.  I hate to be a proponent of any silly old wives tale, but this one sure seems valid to me.  I look a mess this pregnancy.  With Jr. I was at my best - all my weight was gained right in front, my hair was shiny, and my energy high.  With Peanut, my hips are wider, my hair is growing crazy and unruly, and I am exhausted from the moment I wake in the morning.  My brain and body seem lethargic at all times, and my maternity wardrobe from my first pregnancy is already getting tight in the booty.

Even though pregnancy isn't quite as fun as it was the first time around, every time I feel Peanut's gentle ballerina kicks I know all the sickness and fatigue is worth it.  I'm loving looking at pretty frilly dresses and big hair bows.  I'm excited that Jr. will get to be a big brother to a little sister.  And, I couldn't be happier that we will have a boy and a girl and could possibly be done having babies.  Could we be more blessed? 


  1. When I tell my SIL this she'll be very happy :) She's 7 months prego with her first (girl) and is having a little bit of a hard time dealing with the body changes. Thanks for the post and CONGRATULATIONS on your little lady!!

  2. Congratulations! Girls are so much fun!! :)


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